Reflections on Creating & Community: Doris Trujillo

Choreographer and Professor of Modern Dance Doris Trujillo

WAVE RISING SERIES Hudson de Trujillo & Company

“It’s so vital and necessary to continue to create and perform, especially in the educational setting. It really is what the dance profession is all about. Creating work is not only a process for self-growth, it also creates a rich environment for the community.”

WAVE RISING SERIES Choreographer Doris Trujillo

“I’m originally from the east coast, but the lifestyle in Utah quickly took root and I grew to deeply appreciate the support and kinship I found in the education system. I’m grateful for the many opportunities in dance, from grants and development, to receiving assistance from colleges and universities.”

Hudson de Trujillo and Company is a project-based dance troupe from Alpine, Utah. In the 2012 WAVE RISING SERIES, they are performing Journey, a recent work about the ties that bind us.



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