Reflections on Audiences & Abandoning Formulas: DOUBLE VISION

Choreographer Pauline Jennings


“I onced toured Europe for 6 weeks during my 2nd trimester. Motherhood can be a challenge in the dance world, but is an extraordinary experience.”

WAVE RISING SERIES Choreographer Pauline Jennings

“As a choreographer often integrating technology and interactivity, I strive to make dance more accessible. My goal in creating installations is not to diminish the art form by offering a broader initial framework for pieces, but rather to facilitate deeper understandings and making dance appear less foreign, particularly with new audiences.

I strive to fight the urge to create dance pieces with a beginning, middle and end. I want to break outside of the formula of pleasing performers and audience members.”

Pauline Jennings is the Artistic Director of DOUBLE VISION, founded in 2003 and currently based in Vermont. The company premiers a new solo work at this year’s WAVE RISING SERIES, in collaboration with dancer Jennifer Mellor and musician Sean Clute.



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