Reflections on Discovery & Artistic Expression: Tomomi Imai

Choreographer Tomomi Imai

WAVE RISING SERIES Choreographer Tomomi Imai

“Dance is about discovery, uncovering the ‘new dance’ inside. It is also like making feeling into poetry with movement as words.”


“We can prepare for performing more lengthy works, by strengthening our bodies and mastering the dance. It is similar to learning a new language, but in the end we have to speak it. No amount of studying without motion (or speech) will give us mastery. We must speak – and dance – in a way that expresses what is uniquely ourselves.

Often, I learn by watching others answering the challenges they face.  Festivals such as WAVE RISING SERIES make it easier to communicate and connect with other choreographers. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have more time to spend together.”

Tomomi Imai is originally from Japan and has made NY her artistic home for the past several years. She returns to our WAVE RISING SERIES this year to perform Deep Blue, a piece about experimentation and possibilities.



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