Reflections on Perfection and Works in Progress: The Hoover Dam Collective

Choreographer Theo Boguszewski

WAVE RISING SERIES Theodora Boguszewski

“One of the important mentors in my life has been Purchase College administrator Nellie van Bommel. She was instrumental in helping me complete my senior project in 2010. I am grateful for her guidance and respect the way that she incorporates humor into her work.”

WAVE RISING SERIES The Hoover Dam Collective
“Never stop working. Set up shows to make yourself accountable and force yourself to keep creating new pieces. I know so many talented choreographers too concerned about their work not being ‘good enough’ or guarding it as something that’s extremely precious. Your work will never be perfect. The point is to continue to develop it.”

Theodora Boguszewski and The Hoover Dam Collective will perform How To Make It, a piece that incorporates spoken word, in the 2012 WAVE RISING SERIES.



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