2012 Wave Rising Series Programs


Dance Company: Pulse & Puppet (Montreal, Canada) Title: Infractions

Pulse & Puppet is a contemporary dance company preoccupied with expressing the body as an object of external forces, struggling for subjective autonomy.   The company is based in Montreal, Canada, where it was founded by in 2010 by Gabrielle.  Pulse & Puppet showcases the highly physical approach and cinematic aesthetic of Martin’s choreography, as well as the talents of collaborating dancers, Genevieve Bolla, Melina Stinson, Andrea Legg and Jenn Doan.  One of their most recent works, Infractions, further explores the body as an object in the context of confinement, and pushes its physical bounds through partner- and floor-work.  In 2011, Infractions premiered at the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival (Ontario, Canada), and the company developed a new work, Throe, as part of Dance New Amsterdam’s RAW Material Program (New York, USA).  In 2012, Infractions will have its international premier at The Wave Rising Series 2012.  Infractions explores relationships in the context of confinement, expressing an ambiguous dance between resistance and dependency. Highly physical, Infractions is defined by partner-work, innovative lighting design and original music.

Dance Company: Thomas/Ortiz Dance (NY) Title: Leverage and Un-damely

Ted Thomas and Frances Ortiz founded Thomas/Ortiz Dance in 2001. The company of ten dancers from culturally diverse backgrounds performs a repertoire, which explores a multitude of thought-provoking and socially-relevant themes. For Love or Grace delves into issues surrounding sexuality and religion. Winter Sky exposes the effect of alcoholism on a relationship. Reflections depict a young woman’s search for self-identity and self-approval. Reviewing a Thomas/Ortiz Dance showcase at theMerce Cunningham Studios in 2004, Christina Giraldi of Show Business Weekly wrote: “Ethereal and rejoicing, intriguing, lighthearted, sexually charged, political, thoughtful – these are adjective that only attempt to describe the eclectic collection of pieces performed… Thomas/Ortiz is a young company which displays much talent and promise.” Our work deals with the nature of human emotions. For us dancing is a natural way to communicate with the world. Everyday life is our subject matter, Un-Damely, danced to music by Antonio Vivaldi, features five women revolting against modern femininity; Frayed Ends is set to Rachmaninov and depicts the unyielding love between two people; and. Leverage set to the music of David Darling, using mirrors as a background, the piece studies the tenuous and fluid personalities of four separate dancers.

About The Director
TED THOMAS, Artistic Director, A native New Yorker, Ted Thomas attended the High School for Performing Arts (NYC) before receiving his B.F.A. from the State University of New York at Purchase. He went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in dance and higher education from New York University. He danced with Ballet Hispanico, Elisa Monte, and the Murray Louis and Nikolais Company prior to joining the Paul Taylor Dance Company in 1996. Subsequently, while choreographing and continuing to perform with Thomas/Ortiz Dance, Mr. Thomas was for two years Artist-in-Residence at Barnard College, Columbia University. He is an Associate Director of The New England Academy of Dance and The New England Dance Theater.   FRANCES ORTIZ, Artistic Director, A native of Puerto Rico, Frances Ortiz studied at The New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL. prior to earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance at the State University of New York at Purchase. While studying for her M.A. degree at New York University, she performed with Kevin Wynn, Tim Martin, and Carl Paris. Ms. Ortiz has taught dance and has been a guest choreographer at Yale University. Frances and her twin sister Ginna Ortiz are co-owners of the New England Academy of Dance in New Canaan, CT, and Frances is co-Artistic Director of the New England Dance Theater



Dance Company: Tomomi Imai (NY)  Title: Deep Blue

Tomomi Imai studied dance with Ms Yoshiki Homma and began choreographing with Dance Troupe Sho in Japan under the directorship of Sho Endo, an actor and light
designer. His unique approach was to render all the elements as foreground, highlighting them equally thereby rooting dance, even with magical themes, in everyday reality. His influence appears in Ms Imai’s careful choice and expressive use of everything she brings to the stage: costume, gesture, distinctly articulated yet fluid motion, backdrop.
Ms Imai herself started Tomomi Imai and Dancers and joined the Sun Arts project. Her compositions, such as “Portrait”, “Snow Seen, “Sunshine Shower” (with its disturbing theme of fatal enchantment) and a dance inspired by Kenji Miyazawa’s poignant poem “Eiketsuno Asa” were performed in distinguished venues and won prizes.
In 2001 Ms. Imai moved to New York. In 2004 she worked with pianist Bob Sardo on her own composition, “Transformation”, which opened a door to another dimension of dance. “Night Tide”, “Medusa” with a long length of rope, the celebrated “Medusa II” with a penlight, and “Abyss” followed. Her latest is the closest rendition of Oscar Wilde’s “Salome”. Miss Imai studied the uniquely Japanese dance, Butoh, with Yukio Waguri. She has danced with Toni Taylor, Maxine Steinman, Mary Seidman and has performed aerial work with Above and Beyond Dance, as well as others and has presented own work at the 92nd St. Y Harkness Dance Center, University Settlement, Dance New Amsterdam, Cool NY Dance Festival, Wave Rising Series, and WestFest. Her dances are marked by power and passion expressed with a fluidity yet marked by effortlessly elegant restraint.

“Deep Blue”
The piece is expanded from my duet piece “What if” which is about the sense of experiment, the feeling you get on the edge of an act, the sense of different possibilities. If I choose one way, it unrolls a sequence of events that would be different if I choose another way or choose later rather than sooner. Act and timing. But on the point of acting you still do not, cannot know. Life is a series of “what ifs” and sometimes regrets.
I have this idea from a dream. I am standing at the water’s edge; many dead bodies float on the water. It is a tragic but not unexpected sight in places close to the sea that are prone to flash floods. If I stepped into the water, what would happen? What would happen if I do not? There is always “what if” and only when I do step into the water will the possibilities end. But I shall stand on the edge of the water again, tomorrow.

Dance Company: Hudson de Trujillo (NY)  Title: Journey

Founded in 2003 Hudson de trujillo & Company, is a dynamic and engaging contemporary dance company situated in the Wasatch Mountain community of Alpine, Utah.  The company is known for its repertory of vibrant and diverse works and styles that speak to the resiliency of the human spirit.  As a project based company members come from across the Wasatch Front to perform the works of Artistic Director Doris Hudson de Trujillo regionally and nationally. Select invited performances have included the Dance Gallery Festival in Houston, Texas, The Utah Arts Festival, and The American Dance Guild Performance Festival. “Precise dancing and exciting ensemble work,” was the phrase used by Nancy Wozny in the dancesoursehouston’s critique of the company and Trujillo’s work Resilire. Featured in the Rising Wave Festival is Doris Hudson de Trujillo’s work Journey. Premiered in 2012, Journey is a rich and compelling piece that explores the personal and collective experience that ties individuals within a community together. The work integrates structural elements symbolic of the spiritual, emotional, social, philosophical, physical, or political ties that bind and connect us. With clarity and intent Journey touches the universal heart and soul of its audiences.

2012 WRS FIRST WEEK Program B Companies

Dance Companyy:Theodora Boguszewski/ The Hoover Dam Collective (NY) Title: How to Make It

Theodora Boguszewski, a native of Berkeley, CA, graduated with a BFA in dance from SUNY Purchase. Her senior year, after receiving a grant,  she produced “For the Sake of Art,” an interdisciplinary show that incorporated all of Purchase’s art conservatories. The success of “For the Sake of Art” lead to the founding of the Hoover Dam Collective, an arts collective dedicated to producing interdisciplinary shows around the city. Since it’s founding in May 2010, the Hoover Dam Collective has produced over 20 shows in various spaces throughout NYC, and continues to do so on a monthly basis. Theodora has been actively making work since graduating from school, and continues to head the Hoover Dam Collective. Her choreography has been shown in festivals all around the city, including the Solar One Festival, Chez Bushwick’s site fest, the WestFest dance festival, the Reverb/ APAP festival, the Cool NY Festival, and at the 92nd St. Y. Theodora also frequently performs and presents with the HDC.

“How to Make it” is a reconstruction of a collaborative piece that Theodora assembled and choreographed for a show on April 7th with the Hoover Dam Collective. It is based around a poem by Katrina Cunningham which explores the struggle to survive and find self worth in New York City. “How to Make it” investigates the difficult path of self discovery that we undergo as young artists in such a large and isolating place. Multiple disciplines, including dance, music, and spoken word, are used as a means of furthering the exploration.

Dance Company: DOUBLE VISION (VT)  Title: ShiftSCAPE

Founded in 2003, DOUBLE VISION creates experimental performances for dance, music, and video that embody the changing landscape of contemporary culture. Under the direction of Sean Clute and Pauline Jennings, the company has distinguished itself both nationally and internationally. In 2008, DOUBLE VISION celebrated its fifth year by embarking upon an ambitious U.S. tour, the 4×60 Tour. The company gave 17 performances throughout the U.S. in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Boulder, Columbus, Chicago and Brooklyn. Following the success of the 4×60 Tour, Clute and Jennings travelled to Europe where they were in residence at the Museumsquartier. During the residence, they performed and lectured at the University of Applied Arts (Vienna), the Museumsquartier Wien (Vienna), Pécsi Tudományegyetem Muvészeti Kar (Péc), Institut Intermédií (Prague), and CST Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology + Tanz Akademie Zürich (Zurich). The performance, Six Donuts, at the Museumsquartier boasted five dance and audiovisual world premieres.

In 2009, DOUBLE VISION was awarded grants by the Zellerbach Family Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to support the development of Hysteresis, a full-evening dance informed by contemporary dance in Vienna. The work, a New York Times Pick-of-the-Week, had its San Francisco premiere at Dance Mission Theater in April 2010 and its New York City premiere at the Merce Cunningham Studio in July 2010 and was met with rave reviews in both cities. In 2011, the company embarked upon a 6-week tour through Europe, the Recession Special Tour, that included performances and residencies at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture (Greece), Primo Piano LivinGallery’s Eye of the Storm Festival (Lecce), ProARTS International Choreography Festival (Brno), Moving House Foundation’s Florian Workshop (Budapest), and OZU (Italy).

Nationally, DOUBLE VISION has presented work at the Merce Cunningham Studio, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and ODC Theater. The company has participated in U.S. artist residencies at Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts: School of Dance, the University of New Mexico’s ARTSLab, N4th Theater (Albuquerque), and the University of Arizona. Clute and Jennings have also lectured and led master classes at the University of California at Berkeley, Mills College, College of Santa Fe, and the University of Brighton (UK). Clute and Jennings have been invited to present their work at ISEA2012 in Albuquerque and Santa Fe this fall. DOUBLE VISION is pleased to be making its second appearance in the 2012 WAVE RISING SERIES. The company will be premiering a new solo work featuring choreography by Pauline Jennings, music by Sean Clute and performance by Jennifer Mellor.

Dance Company: Dorcas Roman Dance Theatre (CA)  Title: The Law of Attraction

Dorcas Román is a dancer, choreographer and actress native to Puerto Rico and the artistic director of Dorcas Roman Dance Theatre – DRDT. She received a BA in theater from the UPR and an MFA in choreography from UCLA Dance Department. Dorcas has been active in dance and theater for over 19 years teaching, dancing, and choreographing around the United States and abroad. The press has successfully received her work nationally and internationally and she has received award recognition as both dancer and choreographer. The company started touring two years ago when they participated in the Maraton de Danza de Madrid, Spain during the summer of 2010.  Since then The company has presented their choreography in festivals such as The Dance Galley Festival series in Houston Texas and New York, The Harvest Contemporary Dance Festival in Chicago, as well as in MixMatch and DanceSpot in Los Angeles and Dancing With Long Beach in Long Beach Ca. This year DRDT has been part of DanceSpot and is extremely excited to be part of the 7Th Annual Wave Rising Series. Dorcas Roman teaches dance at CSULB since 2003.

2012 WRS SECOND WEEK Program C Companies

Dance Company: Matthew Westerby Company (NY)   Title: My Heart Is Breaking and Saturn Sky

Matthew Westerby Company was formed in 2009, and is a New York City-based performing group of versatile and dynamic performers. The Company has been presented at venues throughout New York, including Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Dance New Amsterdam, at the Evolve Festival, Triskelion Arts, Galapagos Art Space, the College of Staten Island, at the Staten Island Modern Festival, Dixon Place, DUMBO Dance Festival, the Kumble Theatre at Long Island University, the Mainstage at Naugatuck Valley Community College (Connecticut) and at Dance Theater Workshop. Matthew Westerby Company has been the resident dance company for Project Poetry Live! for the past three seasons- a major arts-in-education initiative produced in partnership with Litchfield Performing Arts, Connecticut. MWC was previously featured on the MNN Network throughout Manhattan as a part of the Artists Forum Modern Dance Series.At the Wave Rising Series, the Company will present Saturn Sky, a piece that imagines life in other environments and different atmospheres. With a fluidity and seamlessness in movement content, the piece explores weightlessness, exploring new realms and the identity of undiscovered colonies. My Heart is Breaking was inspired by Christian Boltanski’s work, Personnes. The choreography explores intimate human relationships before and after death. Notions of memory, possession and recovery were explored in the creative process, and the piece became a journey through the process of loss, grieving and remembrance.

Dance Company: Alexandra Elliott (Winnipeg, Canada)  Title: Drawn

Alexandra Elliott is a professional modern dancer and choreographer whose deepest desire is to connect with her fellow artists and inspire the community and beyond. Her most recent choreographic accomplishment ‘Drawn’ was performed in the Young Lungs Dance Exchange annual ‘No Idling’ show in February 2012. This duet traverses the landscape of human relationships, expressing intimacy, co-dependency, trust, betrayal and loss through extensive physical partnering, momentum and balance. Alex’s first self produced show ‘Two Relate’ was premiered at The Rachel Browne Theatre in October 2011, which Brent Lott, Artistic Director of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, mentored throughout the preliminary stages. She received full production funding for ‘Two Relate’ from the Manitoba Arts Council and looks forward to applying in the fall for a new production. Alex co-created ‘The Scents of Tang’ with Renée Vandale, which premiered at the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival in 2011. She has performed and set choreographic works with the Young Lungs Dance Exchange over the past eight years and has also worked with choreographers Natasha Torres-Garner, Ali Robson, Vanessa Rigaux and Vandale.

Drawn is a modern dance duet that voyages through qualities and emotions experienced between two human beings. Slowly they come into a safe embrace where total care, support and intimacy exist. A change occurs as the two begin to tease and entice each other, leading the audience into a fast paced, feisty and driving duel. They continue deeper into the darker faces of partnership where support and abandon push the dancers to question one another’s trust.

Dance Company:Jessica DiMauro/DiMauro Dance (NY)  Title: Everything is Blue in this World 

DiMauro Dance has been performing athletic, emotionally charged works across the Tri-State are for over seven years. Artistic Director Jessica DiMauro aims to create choreography that is accessible to any audience and exciting to the avid dance viewer. Ms. DiMauro collects experiences and snapshots in her mind that are springboards for her unique choreography. DiMauro Dance has been seen at festivals such as WHITE WAVE’s COOL NY, The HATCH presenting series, Dance Conversations at The Flea, CT Meets NY, Queens Arts Express and New Dance Downtown. Jessica was given an Arts Alive Artist Grant for the year 2007 from The Westchester Arts Council for her work titled

com-mu-ni-ty. DiMauro Dance also performed as the Guest Artists for the 2009 Annual Benefit for The Steffi Nossen School of Dance where Jessica is currently Acting Artistic Director. Ms. DiMauro produced a full evening of work for the company, Unraveled, at the Merce Cunningham Studio in April of 2011.  www.dimaurodance.com

Everything is Blue in This World is a work based on the struggle for ascetic perfection.  Using text to accompany each mini story, this piece evokes the rainbow of emotion behind the obsession for the perfect body. Women deal with this differently in their everyday lives; each with their own internal monologue that provokes certain behavior and actions.

Dance Company: Flexicurve (NY)   Title: Colors and STATE

2012 WRS SECOND WEEK Program D Companies

Dance Company: Nadine Martinez & Proyecto 3er Espacio (PR)  Title: Gris

“Proyecto 3er Espacio” is an evolving experiment based on Dace/Theater. The company makes use of movement, music, images, and theater elements to explore a vast array of possibilities when creating new works. Under the direction of Nadine Martinez, themes such as the human condition, relations, and culture are used as the base for her creations. A graduate of the University of North Texas with a BA in Dance and an MA in European Dance/Theater from the Trinity Laban Centre in London, Nadine’s works have been presented in New York, Mexico, England and Puerto Rico. Her pieces are created thru a collaborative process with other artists. One of such collaborators is her husband, composer, and manger Luis Javier. A graduate of Berklee College of Music (BM) and Bath Spa University, UK (MM); Luis Javier composes music and designs sounds to enhance the visual experience.

“Gris”  is based in the human condition and how each individual deals with their emotions. The question “what would I do if given the liberty, if there were no boundaries?” sets the tone of the piece.

Dance Compan: DeMa Dance (NY)   Title: Stages

Dance Company: Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama (NY)  Title: Sangre & Arena

Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama is thought provoking and historically conscious dance-theater, breaking down the wall separating artist from audience. Based in New York, The company’s mission is developing a cultural, educational and artistic exchange beyond this local New York community and stimulate and encourage audiences, transcending socio-political and cultural boundaries.  AL/DD explores themes of collective memory, individual identity, and social awareness by having dancers and audience fuse in a psychological and emotional experience.

Originally from Argentina, Anabella Lenzu is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with over 20 years experience working in Argentina, Chile, Italy and the USA. She is also a published author for various dance and arts magazines, and plans to debut her first book in October of 2012, entitled “Unveiling Motion and Emotion”. The book contains writings in Spanish and English on the importance of dance, community and dance pedagogy. www.AnabellaLenzu. com

Sangre & Arena – A sacrifice enacted before the audience’s eyes.

A visceral piece of dance-theater that reconnects with the primal impulses that underlie ritual, juxtaposing intellect and instinct. In this interdisciplinary, multimedia production with paints and masks, Lenzu rediscovers ceremony and heritage.

S&A was developed through Dance@DMAC’s Residency program.

2012 WRS THIRD WEEK Program E Companies

Dance Company: ABD Productions/Anne Bluethenthal & Dancers (CA) Title: Forgiveness Project: Part one

ABD Productions / Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers creates dances that grow from deep investigations into the language of movement and use that language in eloquent and subversive acts of art. Now celebrating 28 years of multi-cultural, feminist modern dance, ABD’s work endeavors to awaken our basic humanity through bold and nuanced choreographies, injecting the possibility of transformation and beauty to daunting subjects from globalization and genocide, to global warming and gender fluidity.

Artistic Director, Anne Bluethenthal’s current passions include creating new economies of artistic exchange, injecting dance into the everyday, and blurring the boundaries between formal concert dance and community arts practices. She is working on community collaborations in public urban spaces, inquiring into untold stories and unheard voices. Bluethenthal is on the faculties of the MFA Creative Inquiry Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, the MA Women’s Spirituality Program at Institute for Transpersonal Psychology and the Academy of Art University.

ABD’s offering on the Wave Rising Festival features the very first viewing of a large scale work titled The Forgiveness Project. A collaborative work sculpted from investigations, research, and deep conversations on the subject of forgiveness from entirely personal considerations to the geo-political.

Dance Company: Li Chiao-Ping Dance (WI) Title: Hado and Shifting Ground

Reflecting and supporting the artistic vision of choreographer Li Chiao-Ping, Li Chiao-Ping Dance produces and presents original performance works, provides mentorship, education and training, offers opportunities for residencies and collaborations, and promotes tolerance and respect. Drawing upon Ms. Li’s unique blend of dance and theater, as well as her high velocity movement vocabulary and choreographic style, Li Chiao-Ping Dance makes high-quality, accessible works that increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation of the arts and enrich the lives of our community members.

Dance Company: Hwa Suk Lee Dance Project (Korea)  Title: Throbbing

Lee Hwa Seok Dance Project was founded in 1993 to seek for a new genre of dance, blending dances to contemporary dance, Jazz, Latin, hip-hop music as well as music for musicals based on ballet.

Our dance team try to eliminate the walls among various dance genres, opening a new horizon for theatrical movements of performance art.

We have steadily presented numerous dance pieces and have tried to get closer to more people at outdoor stage. The project focuses on providing a new dance experience and an improvement of artistic perspective for the audience, through traditional and  contemporary dance genres, which are based on a Korean spirit.

Since 1993, we have performed successfully in Thailand, Japan and United States. Particularly, we received the Acting prize in 2005 and the Grand prize in 2007 at Daegu Dance Festival. Additionally, we won the Silver prize,  Best male actor prize and the Best stage design at The Korean Dance Festival in 2007.

The choreographer says, “Nothing in this world is not for art. Everything that exists in this world is not art. It just exists for its universal validity. What makes it special is the role of an artist.

2012 WRS THIRD WEEK Program F Companies

Dance Company: Lenora Lee Dance (CA)   Title: The Escape

The mission of Lenora Lee Dance is to give artistic voice to the experiences of Asian Americans through interdisciplinary dance theater works.

Lenora Lee is a dancer, choreographer and artistic director for the past fourteen years in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Her training is diverse, with a BA in Dance: Performance and Choreography (Magna cum Laude) from UCLA, and experiences as a taiko (Japanese drumming) performer with the celebrated San Francisco ensemble Genryu Arts (2001-2004), in karate (Enshin Karate, South San Francisco Dojo 2009 – present), and Chinese forms (Kei Lun Martial Arts 2009 – present). She has pursued private study in dance composition, contact improvisation, Afro-Brazilian Dance, ballet, modern dance and other forms as well. As such her works have integrated these various approaches to tell stories that shed light on social issues and give voice to experiences of Asian American communities. She has directed, choreographed, and produced her own works performing nationally and internationally. Lenora was recently named as an Artist Fellow at the de Young Museum and is being commissioned to premiere new work there in the fall of 2013.  www.LenoraLeeDance.com 

Dance Company: MADboots dance co. (NJ)   Title: ALL GOOD SONS

This project was supported in part by the Inception to Exhibition 2012 Space Grant.

Dance Company: Jennifer Mellor Dance Project (NY)   Title: Love/Lost

A Stanford grad, Jennifer Mellor has directed her own modern dance works for JENNIFER MELLOR DANCE PROJECT since 2009, and her work has been seen in New York, San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose, Houston, and Tulsa.  The company was presented by the Tulsa Ballet in 2012 and featured in the 2011 Women on the Way Festival, a weekly pick by the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Jennifer Mellor was a 2011 artist in residence at Living Arts LAB in Tulsa, and through an award from the Triskelion Arts Space Subsidy Program, she has been developing “Love/Lost” with an original music score by T.C. Crosser on her New York dancers.  The company is showing excerpts through Movement Research, Triskelion Arts, and Tulsa’s EXCHANGE Dance Choreography Festival and will premiere the completed work in the 2012 Wave Rising Series.  In 2010 and 2011, Jennifer was an artist in residence at The Garage in San Francisco, where she premiered “Libretto”, incorporating a poetry reading by Jennifer Kwon Dobbs with a live, original cello composition by Jessica Ivry, and “Les Muses”, a playful pair of duets exploring artistic inspiration and tousled femininity.  The company will perform “Les Muses” in the 2012 DUMBO Dance Festival. Earlier work includes “Prism”, which the company has performed live with musical collaborator Jason Brown in San Francisco and Houston. Jennifer has also choreographed works for High Release Dance Company in the SF Bay Area.

Dance Company: SunHeon Dance Company (Korea)   Title: Into the Korea

“Sunheon Dance Company” was founded on 2005. They are devoted to design the renewed & creative dance, based on the traditional Korean dance. “Sunheon Dance Company” has continued her intension and tries to fit it for 21st Century by challenging all harmonic dance between old and new. Su Jung Cha is the Professor of Sook Myung University and Artistic director of Sun Heon Dance Company. She is keep trying to combine with Korean traditional Dance and creative dance. Sun Heon Dance Company presented “Suleebulzak ⅠⅡⅢ” as they believe the best creation comes from the traditional. Sun Heon Dance Company is the winner of the “Turkey Fork Dance Competition” and “Seoul Dance Festival” Sun Heon Dance Company also has selected as a excellence award in “The World National Theater Festival” last year. This performance name is “Into the Korea.” “Into the Korea” of base on the traditional culture, provide audience an elegant, harmony performance. In this piece, Sun Heon Dance Company wants to express what is the Korean sprit through new creative traditional dance as their main them of the company.

Into the Korea Dance

Sun Heon Dance company want to express what is the Korean sprit through new creative traditional dance as main them of the company.

Part 1. The color of spring

To express future oriented vision of Korea through Dance. It contains bright and powerful energy of Korea.

Part 2. The Mountain in my mind.

From the beautiful nature in Korea, specially show the mountain through the dance with korean traditional instrument “Geo Mun Go”

Part 3. Dance of Water

In this Piece, want to make the imagination of water to show pure heart and beautiful cultural mind of Korean sprit.


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